Pharmacare Management; A Better Response

pharmacy management software

Time is always of the essence in the world of pharma care management. The development and distribution of new pharmaceutical products can never be delayed. There are patients under critical treatment and care waiting. Who better to ask about this critically required and timeous response than your local retail pharmacist. He does bear the brunt of many patients’ urgent appeals. Could it be said that he is at the coalface of critical care.

Perhaps not. Perhaps that is still the general practitioner or specialist medical practitioner’s domain. Nevertheless, such practitioners must be over the moon by now. Why is this? Doctors who should have no borders are now privy to the retail pharmacist’s customized pharmacy management software system. This, essentially, is how the system is designed to work. Let’s begin the process right there in the doctor’s rooms.

The patient has been seen to. She is seriously ill. Or the doctor has diagnosed a condition which may require months of treatment and specialized care. And to make the treatment and care a successful road to recovery for the patient, prescribed medication is required. Henceforth the concerned doctor makes the prescription. He transfers this diagnostic information directly to the retail pharmacy management software system.

He has prescribed the medication and it is within minutes that the retail pharmacist receives same. Of course, it goes without saying that the retail practitioner still needs to be on his toes in regard to effective office and time management. Nevertheless, there are no critical delays when processing the prescription order. By the time the patient has arrived to collect her medication, it is ready. Payment to her medical aid plan has already been processed.

And in this setup there are no shortfalls because stock has already been pre-ordered. And delivered.