Mature Approach Taken To Perceived Problems

Have you ever heard that expression? Oh! Won’t you just grow up already! You get that when someone’s trying to reach out, with anger and frustration bubbling out of the pot, or tears of sadness as heavy as a downpour. They switch right off. Not interested. Can’t help you. Won’t help you. Moms. Dads. Colleagues at work. This is how ‘friends’ get to show their true colors. The cheek of it all. While they’re telling you to grow up, how badly they’re behaving.

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It’s extremely immature, actually. What would have been the mature response would have been referring a bereaved, disgruntled, depressed, angry, sad, manic friend/colleague/young adult to the local behavioral therapists colorado springs counseling and treatment center. This is a place where people get qualified but compassionate help for serious issues that locals are finding it very difficult to deal with right now.

Like getting by in the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis. Or losing a mother. Being expelled from school for yet another punch-up. Denied a job opportunity because he/she is different. And so on, and so forth. The list is very long indeed. The sad/funny irony of it all is that people who are looked down on because they are ‘weak’ or ‘different’ are not the problem, the others are. Society is actually quite ill at this time.

This may have been a subjective approach to the recommended counseling work that behavioral therapists are expected to do, but in reality, the work they do is clinical. Emotions are detached in order to get to the bottom of a patient’s crisis. A clinical approach is taken. All depending on the level of complexities, folks will be seen to for just a short period or registered as out-patients for several months.